Home, 1993

C print
20" x 24"
Ghost, 1993

C print
20" x 24"
Ghost, Internal heat, 1993

C print, 20" x 24"

Sublimation, Solid fire, 1993

C prints
20" x 24" each



Water, earth, wind and fire.
The relationship of the four elements is closed, one does not exist without the other, they form a chain, one kills to gave life to the other who kills and infinitely.

Fire is the only element that is always the same. It is produced by different materials; but the flames, the energy, the essence of fire is always the same.

Fire destroys things, swallows them, destroys them, makes them dust; elevating them, they disappear in it, immortalized by its energy quality.

The existence of matter is unavoidably a sequence of life-grow-death, or born-grow-reproduction-death. Fire surprises us demonstrating bluntly the end of matter in a fast, implacable, definitive way.

Sculpture is matter and as such it is born and it dies, no matter the material. My intention is not to do fire sculptures, but observe it, trying to understand it, to grasp it.
-To handle fire’s energy for a moment.
-Will I fill immortal at that moment?
-Will one fill superior to any force (even death) handling fire?
-Could I fill that I handle death before she does?

Unfortunately fire cannot be apprehended, kept, it follows its own way consuming; even the strongest recipient will be consumed or transformed by fire.

The observation by itself is not enough, it is required a plasticity, that struggles to abandon the exclusively documental and verifiable that belongs to science. My intention is to do art.