Installation view, Implacable, 1996
Tires 40" x 40' x 6" Installation view of Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo,...
Cornered, Ghost, To the top, 1996
Tires 40" x 40" x 6" each Site specific installations at Museo...
Ash tray, Couple, 1996
Tires 40" x 40" x 12" Site specific installation at Museo...
Gordianous knot, Done, False, Flower, 1997
Tires 30" x 30" x 12" each Site specific installation at Museo...



Its inhabitants, for them, build the city. Likewise, they are marked by the city.

The life in the city turns around relationships based in paradox: gain and hurt, necessity and waste, life and death.

The destruction of the cities is the consequence of progress, of a misunderstood progress, a progress towards the future, trying to forget the past and never located at the present.

To talk about the city now is to talk about the automobile as a central stone of the life in it and of that misunderstood progress. Even there is the extreme to consider the automobile the main inhabitant of the city.

Some times a car with enough action, lays abandoned for several months, in an odd aspect of repentance, its metallic body twisted and deformed.

My work is the register of histories and evidence, work located at the present, in the paradoxical life of the city; trying to contribute to decode and comprehend the city and life in it. Using tires not as garbage, but as symbols containing the history and the photographs as documents, evidences of the life in the city